Amazing Latinas JLo and Shakira team up for the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. The first two Latinas to perform a Super Bowl halftime show together. The show was amazing and the press/media reported it as the “Best Superbowl Halftime Show Ever!”

Latina Model Magazine will take you through both their journeys that begun from very humble beginnings. Then becoming two of the top entertainers in the world.

Latinas JLo and Shakira Take the Superbowl Stage

L atina Magic! Those two words come to mind when thinking of these two Latinas performing at the 2020 SuperBowl Halftime Show. With an estimated 100 million viewers, it’s arguably the most watched and anticipated event in the US and the globe.

These two Latina entertainers were the obvious best fit for the Superbowl held in Miami. A city where Latinos make up the majority of the population. So to have Shakira and JLo both iconic singers with their own individual flair fit perfectly,

You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.Jennefer Lopez

Most people recognize their names because they both have huge followings. Both their Instagram and Twitter accounts are well in the millions. And both have several hit songs/albums reaching platinum status.

But who are these two Latina pop stars? It would almost seem as if these women have been famous for as long as we can remember.

However, both of these talented Latinas came from humble beginnings. They also worked hard doing what they loved to do. They also didn’t let anyone tell them they couldn’t achieve their dreams. Although these individuals will share the limelight at the Superbowl, they are both very unique in their origins and journeys.

Latina Stars Are Born


Lo (full name- Jennifer Lynn Lopez) was born in New York City to Puerto Rican parents, Lupe & David Lopez. Her parents born and raised in Puerto Rico, met in New York where they settled to start their family.

 This was a very different start compared to Shakira, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia to William Mebarak Chadid and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado. Her father William is of Lebanese ancestry and her mother Nidia is Colombian, giving Shakira the exotic middle eastern/Latin look.

Little Girls, Big Dreams

Shakira grew up in Colombia, while Jennifer Lopez grew up in The Bronx with a dream of being a superstar. At five, Jennifer took dance and singing lessons, not a fancy school like Julliard but it was a start.

JLo so blessed to have supportive parents who did not say no. She showed her parents how passionate she was and her parents believed in her.

You’re a song written by the hands of God.


 Shakira started her music career at eight years old. She wrote many songs very early and was encouraged by her father to be a songwriter like himself.

Even Shakira didn’t grow up in the U.S. like JLo, she enjoyed listening to popular American music. She liked Rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, The Cure, and Nirvana. Rock on!

Latinas JLo and Shakira Talented Early On

Shakira‘s love for Rock and roots in Arabic sounds gave her the foundation for the music she creates today. In efforts to teach her about her culture, her grandmother taught her how to belly dance. Shakira became really good at and used it to perform at local contests.

Similarly, JLo continued dancing throughout her childhood, she never stopped dancing. Even when taking classes to practice law, she knew dance was her calling. After making the decision to pursue dancing, her first major opportunity was for Fox as a “Fly Girl”.

JLo had a number of dance jobs but her most notable gig was from acting. She portrayed Selena Quintanilla in a movie about her life, the role made her more known to the public. However, JLo was not satisfied with being just an actress, she wanted more. She went on to release her first album “On The 6” which went platinum in 1999.

Latinas JLo and Shakira Prove Hard Work Pay’s Off!

At this time Jennifer was 30 years old while Shakira released her first album at 14 titled “Magic”. Although it wasn’t as popular as “On The 6” Shakira continued making music until she finally released her third album “Pies Descalzos” which went platinum in the U.S. when she was 18 years old.

While there’s quite an age difference in which both singers achieved their first platinum albums, it doesn’t take away from the talent they both must’ve had to gain such a title.

JLo’s debut album put her in the spotlight and got her nominated for several MTV music awards. Finally, her hard work was paying off! She continually practiced her many talents in show business and was proud of being a triple threat.

JLo’s love for dancing, singing, and acting made her win major awards in each category. Multiple movies came her way and was in demand with movie directors. She also worked some movies back to back.

Famous Jennifer Lopez Quote

JLo’s well-known movies include: “The Wedding Planner” (2001), and both “Enough” and “Maid in Manhattan” produced (2002). Both of these films were released at the same time too.

The following year came “Gigli” (2003) then “Jersey Girl” (2004) and “Monster in Law” in 2005. Whew! So many large movie productions one after another. Named The Highest Paid Latina Actor in Hollywood in 2003.

Shakira Fights for Her Success

In addition, Shakira dove into acting as a Colombian soap opera, known as “Novelas”. Acting for three years before leaving it behind in 1997 to pursue her music. This decision proved to be the right one. Her next album “Donde Estan Los Ladrones” became more successful than her previous one. It released in 1998 and while it did come out in a timely manner, it would’ve come out sooner had she not lost her songs.

Famous Shakira Quote

At the Bogota, Colombia airport she lost her suitcase that had all the songs she had written for the album! She felt panicked when she realized they were all gone.

Like any strong woman, she gathered herself and got back to work. She wrote more songs and was still able to meet the deadline for the album’s release date. Surprisingly her song from this album “Ojos Asi” gained the number one spot in the U.S. Billboard’s Latin Chart and stayed there for an impressive 11 weeks!

That’s nearly three months, at that time it sold over four million copies. Losing the suitcase was maybe a good thing. If she released those songs instead of who knows if they would’ve gained the traction they did.

JLo Takes Time for Motherhood

After JLo’s extensive movie releases, she took a break from it all in 2008 to focus on motherhood. Reminding her fans she’s human and needed and took time to herself. After all that hard work, who wouldn’t need a break?

She showed everyone that she could accomplish her dreams and still have time set aside for family. She gave birth to baby twins whose names are Max and Emme. Characters in one of her favorite childhood show “Dragon Tales”.

JLo Adapts to Her Body After Giving Birth

After giving birth she revealed her feelings towards her body. JLo stayed positive and proud of her body changing in weight and shape. She felt she earned her “jiggly belly” which is very different from most women think while pregnant. In Latin culture, it’s expected to have curves in all the right places and look beautiful all the same time especially more so for JLo.

Pregnancy can make you gain a lot of weight and in turn, a lot of women feel less beautiful. JLo often Tweets out a great “Body-Positive” messages. Telling her fans we should be proud of our bodies no matter how they look.

JLo Gets Her Body Back on Track

Six months after giving birth she entered a triathlon composed of swimming, cycling, and running. All in one race! She trained every day to get her body back in shape. Within a year of giving birth, JLo inspired women everywhere that they can do anything they set their minds to.

Shakira also had a similar mindset after giving birth to her son Milan in 2013. She dove right into work and did an amazing performance in the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Bringing Brazillian flare, she entertained viewers and closed the event with an amazing show. 

Two Journeys, One Stage

Both of these Latina women have had similar yet really different journeys. JLo’s being more centered around acting, and Shakira’s with singing. They both do Latina women around the world justice with their grace, strong roots, and beauty.

It doesn’t take much time to realize why they’ve both won awards for their talents. Their accomplishments are easy to see it’s their hard work that has carried them this far.

Their 2020 Superbowl successful performance is no different. These two Latinas will make all Latinas proud by doing the best they can on the world’s biggest stage.     

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