We met the beautiful Colombian talent Carito Piedrahita at an event in Hollywood entirely by chance. In Hollywood, you get to meet people from all over the world. And when Latina Model Magazine meets a beautiful Latina like Carito with a personal story to tell and the fact that she is successful in Colombia, we get super excited and want to learn more about her.

Within a week, we set up a quick interview with her to learn more about her journey, talents, and future goals in the United States.

She Knew Early on Art was her Passion

Carito Piedrahita has always said that since she was a child, Art ran through her veins, and she demonstrated it by performing in street theatre plays. But she had to finish her education before being able to dedicate herself fully to her acting dreams.

Arriving in Bogota Colombia

Colombia aerial vew.

Since arriving in Bogota Colombia at 12, she began working as a TV host in a children’s program called “Sin Cédula” on CITY TV. From there, she started working on CANAL 13 (Channel 13), one of the leading national channels, as a Host of “El Cuaderno.”

After passing many filter tests and thanks to her talent and discipline, she was selected from over 200 people to win a scholarship to study acting; and finally graduated as an Actress.

“El Cuaderno” is famous for touring schools and universities with world-famous artists such as Camilo, J Balvin, and Maluma. She also worked for four years on this channel, presenting entertainment shows such as “El Reto”, “De Levante”, “El Cuaderno”, etc.

Carito also studied the presentation and locution of radio and television at CARACOL TV Channel, where they allowed her to do a casting entrance exam to look at one of the best acting schools inside one of the best television channels in Colombia.

Opportunities Allowed her Acting Career to Grow

Carito the talented actress was getting recognized for her performances in various national and international films, television, and theatre productions of RCN, CARACOL TV, CANAL TRO, FOX, and TELEMUNDO, such as: “Mentiras Imperfectas” (Imperfect Lies), where she debuted with her primary lead role, as well as other renown productions like: “Sin Senos si hay Paraiso”, “Lala’s Spa”, “Verdad Oculta”, “Tiro de Gracia”. ”Un sueño llamado Salsa”, “Dulce Amor”, “Rocket Coin”, among others.

Carito Piedrahita has played more than 30 characters during her acting career. She has also been the official tv host of the “Reinado del Café” and “Reinado de Señora Colombia”.

Carito Piedrahita Gets Her Own Show

She is the protagonist of her show “QUE SHOW TAN CARITO”, a Comedic Theater Play, which she created during the pandemic to give audiences a moment of escape from the comfort of their own home.

Colombian talent Carito Piedrahita on the red carpet in Hollywood.

In the Show, she tells her life story in a fun way, as well as the obstacles she has had to overcome to achieve success, providing a beautiful message of resilience to the viewer. The Show has a virtual presence in eight countries, face-to-face in Colombia, and is well-received by the general public.

You will also see the Colombian talent Carito Piedrahitaher soon in a celebrity show and podcast where she has guest artists who talk about their artistic and entrepreneurial lives as a way to inspire others. She is also the creator of the “ApasionadosTv” movement and the “El Mundo esta en tus Manos” (The World is in Your Hands).

She will be acting and producing the upcoming slate of films, including “From Colombia with Love” and “The Blood of God”.

Carito, the Successful Business Women

She studied International Business at the University of Bogota. She worked as a legal adviser, librarian, marketing assistant, bartender, etc., to pay for her college education. 

Carito Piedrahita is also recognized as a successful businesswoman in network marketing, working with companies like AMWAY and reaching upper levels within the corporation. 

She is impacting and helping thousands of people and families to create a sustainable economy project to achieve financial freedom. Furthermore, she distinguished herself by her outstanding leadership skills and desire to continue learning and growing daily. Thus, she loves working with empathic, companionate people open to new ideas.

Colombian talent Carito Piedrahita is ready to take Hollywood by storm.

In addition, she is a great International Coach and public speaker. She has traveled to more than 22 countries and more than 136 cities in the world, giving lectures on Neuro marketing, emotional intelligence, financial intelligence, entrepreneurship, Neuro linguistics, carrying messages of change, and motivation.

Carito is currently the director/CEO of her own film production company: GIGANTE FILMS, founded in Colombia over five years ago, and is now associated with production companies in Los Angeles, California.

Actors, Writers, and Books Carito Admires

Latina Model Magazine loves to ask talented Latinas who they admire or inspire them, for example, Carito tells us she admires actors like Anny Hathaway, Daniel Day-Lewis, Tom Hanks, and Tom Cruz. Her favorite directors are Quentin Tarantino, Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, and Guillermo del Toro. 

Her Favorite writers include Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Roberto Aguirre Sacasa. And her Favorite books include “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne, “Millionaire Woman” by Kim Kiyosaki, “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevski, “All the Stories” and “One Hundred Years of Solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Her Life Outside of Acting and Business

Among her great passions are traveling and discovering new cultures and gastronomies. She is also a devoted lover of animals; she reads six books a year and loves to spend quality time with her mother, Lucy, who drives her life.

The Colombian talent Carito Piedrahita also loves singing, and dancing salsa, bachata, tango, cumbia, and the native rhythms of her country. In addition, she also practices extreme sports, and she has enjoyed horseback riding since she was a child.

Her big honey-colored eyes, self-confident laugh, charisma, dedication, and discipline have led her to make her way through this complex world. 

Our Interview with Colombian talent Carito Piedrahita

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This beautiful Colombian talent Carito Piedrahita says even though it has not been easy, “I will continue focusing on my work because there is nothing more satisfying than achieving your dreams on your own merits and being able to transcend in each person who believes in you, leaving a legacy behind.”

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