We cover Fashion Shows throughout North, Central, and South America. We cover all the shows that you can’t be there for. Moreover, we interview the producers of these shows in order to understand their vision.


In addition, our fashion coverage will cover cities like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico City, and more locations to be announced.


Whether on the red carpet, dead center on the runway, or behind the scenes with the make-up and hair experts. We will be there covering it all for you!  We look for the most talented Latino designers and the most beautiful Latina models to showcase at these shows.


Fashion shows are big undertakings and big business, we like to call them controlled chaos. Although we only covered one fashion show 2020 we will be ready for 2021.  We look forward to a Vaccine to this nasty COVID-19 virus that has halted the fashion industry.

Vichi Swim Miami Swim Week