Latina Model Luly Basso from Argentina

Latina Model Magazine had the extreme pleasure of meeting and working with Latina Model Luly Basso from Argentina during Miami Swim Week. As much as she is a great model in front of the camera and on the runway her positive and eager personality is even more impressive at the young age of 21.

Luly happened to be outside the W Hotel in South Beach Miami when she happened to catch our eye. We took a couple of cute photos of her in front of the hotel, exchanged IG accounts then went on our way. On our way out she asked if we would like to work with her in a swimsuit shoot. How could we say no?

We scheduled a shoot the next day with swimsuits provided by Vichi Swim. Here are a few shots from her shoot for Latina Model Magazine during Miami Swim Week. We fell in Love with Luly so much we asked her to do a write up to promote her amazing modeling talent including a complete bio of herself so you can get to know who this Latina model is behind that beautiful smile.

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If you are a Latina Model from Argentina traveling to Miami Swim Week read Luly’s bio first and make sure you have the same passion before you decide to travel outside of your homeland to take on a competitive modeling career.

Luly’s Model Bio

Hello, my name is Luly Basso, however, my full name is Lucila Oriana Basso Sedliak, I am 21 years of age (July 6th is my birthday). I’m a model born in Rosario City, Argentina. I consider myself as a persevering, positive and energetic person. I love what I do and I enjoy it.

I’m very young and still learning and improving every day to do my best. I put maximum effort into everything I do. It’s something people notice; my energy, happiness and my smile!

When I was 15 I started modeling courses because I realized that my dream was to walk on international runways and do photoshoots. My height is 5ft 10’ (that is 1.78 m) of course, I wanted to take advantage of that too!

During my high school years, modeling demanded a lot of my time. Nonetheless, I still did a lot of things outside of modeling, such as dancing, playing tennis and swimming. At the young age of 8, I swam the river Paraná in Rosario city. Everything went smoothly for me in school since I was an outstanding student and I usually scored high marks, therefore, studying never became a problem for me.

First Beauty Pageant

In the year 2015, I decided to take part in my first beauty pageant, something that was entirely new to me. I’ve represented Rosario county in Miss Argentina Santa Fe 2015. In October of that year, I won the pageant, with the title of Miss Argentina Santa Fe which allowed me to represent my province at Miss Argentina.

I won top 5 of the National pageant at 17 years old. By the end of 2016, my reign of Miss Argentina Santa Fe had finished and I finished high school.

I then got started on social projects working with IMUSA (an animal rescue center in my hometown) where I took dogs for walks and also I helped in spay/neuter and vaccination campaigns.

In 2017, I decided to start studying Biotechnology at University. While studying I received a call from Miss Global Organization, interviewing me to represent my country at the Miss Global International Pageant. After reviewing many applications, they chose me to be the next Miss Global Argentina in November 2017.

Their show took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia where I competed with 60 beautiful ladies from around the world. It was an enjoyable experience allowing me to grow and meet new people in a completely different country. It was great to experience a new culture and in a place, I couldn’t even imagine I would be in.

After the pageant, my parents and I went to Thailand, where I got my Open Water Diver License in Koh Tao because my dad is a professional diver and that was another dream for me, to get my Diver License and dive with my dad.

International Model Competitions

My trip to Asia was terrific and I will keep that beautiful memory for the rest of my life, of course, having the support of my family is something I truly appreciate.

In 2018 I continued my career and then I participated in Miss Universe Argentina, where I was in the top 15 finalists while taking courses in speaking in different languages.

Then in 2019, I decided to start a career in Translation so it would help me a lot when I had to work abroad, it is something that I love to do. In July, I went to Miami to take part in Miami Swim Week. I went to castings and fortunately, I got in. I walked the fashion runways for four designers in Art Hearts Fashion and Descalzo Shows. I did photoshoots and met amazing people that helped me along the way.

Now, I’m planning to work abroad as a model and see what’s next! My dream is signing with top agencies and do a lot of things as a model, actress and would love to work on TV doing commercials.

In conclusion, I would love to represent my country in International Beauty Pageants, such as Miss Universe in the future. I would also like to work as a translator/interpreter including helping produce projects with organizations who help the animals and the environment worldwide.

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Luly Basso