Every Latina Model and or entertainer is always looking for the best new exercise that gets the results they are looking for. From J-Lo to the new model coming up they are all looking to stay in the best possible shape.

We found Lilly Cabrera on Instagram and immediately reach out to her regarding her exercise sliders post. We wanted to find out more about the exercise sliders and the Latina fitness trainer demonstrating them. These exercise sliders are fun yet incredibly effective when done correctly. Plus the sliders are easy to find and very affordable.

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Lilly Cabrera Fitness Trainer

Exercise with Sliders are Simple

As an entrepreneur and fitness trainer, I have come to experience that simple is better. In this case, a simple exercise can go a long way, so let’s explore that further.

This exercise can be performed by anyone – from young teens to adults. It requires a bit of balance and some degree of flexibility, and mobility. It is a slow-pace exercise that can be performed almost anywhere – at home, at the gym, or in a dance studio. All that is required is an open space and a flat, stable surface.

Where to Find Exercise Sliders

Equipment you will require is a pair of gliding discs. The pair I am using was provided by Series 8 Fitness. Gliding discs can be found online ranging between $5.00-$12.00 or can be found at any discount store. In addition, you will need a towel as this exercise will make you perspire.

How to Use Exercise Sliders

Single-leg side lunge (as performed in the video) works dominant muscles including your quadriceps (quads/front leg muscles) and hamstrings (back leg muscles). In addition to working your lower body, it also strengthens your core working small muscles including your abductors. 

Furthermore, by controlling your tempo and body, you will develop strength and power. These are just a few of the muscles this form of exercise works. Let’s take a close look at how this exercise is performed. 

Begin by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Step the toe of one foot onto the gliding discs.

In addition, Press your foot out and down onto the gliding disc, squatting low and extending your leg as far as possible – stretching and reaching at the same time. 

Contract your abdominal muscles using your core to help keep your balance and maintain your posture. When your leg is fully extended, slowly bring it back toward your starting position. Repeat this process multiple times. 

A tip I share with my clients is: If the exercise feels awkward and your body is uncomfortable, then you’re probably doing it correctly.

Taking it up a Notch

There are numerous ways to increase the intensity of the exercise and to work more muscles. Moderation is important – start out gradually and increase the intensity as your body’s strength and tone improve.

Lilly Cabrera Best Life Best Shape
  • Add to the intensity by holding a set of dumbbells or weight plate in your hands.
  • Increase your body’s movement, by raising your hands upward while squatting down. 
  • Hold the squat position for a few seconds before releasing it and moving back to the start position. This is sure to make your legs burn.

If you prefer to keep to the basic exercise, you could gradually increase the number of repetitions. Remember to work on each side of your body equally. Have fun with your sliders for exercise workouts. Enjoy, or try to enjoy exercising. What I absolutely love about my job as a trainer is seeing my clients share a laugh and enjoying their workouts. Working out to music is a good way to add fun to your exercise routine. Or work together with a friend or in a group.

Lilly Cabrera Body Building Competition

Who would’ve thought that one simple exercise could accomplish so much? If you find this exercise too challenging initially, remember that different body shapes develop differently and at a different pace. Work at a level you can accomplish to build your strength and fitness. You’ll soon notice improvement and can move on to more challenging levels.

I work with many different athletes, from beginners right through to the advanced. I like to use exercises like this simple one for its versatility and included as part of circuit training, dance practice or Cross-fit workouts. Virtually used in any workout, at any time and place. You can use it as a warm-up or cool-down exercise, stretching your muscles.

Simple is Best

In my years of experience with fitness and health, I have found that simplicity is the most effective fitness training. Exercise doesn’t need to be complex. You can achieve great benefits with simple exercises and minimal, inexpensive equipment.

Lilly Cabrera can be reached at these links: IG | @ | Cerritos, CA

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