Vee Rivera Latina Beauty Expert promotes her new brand Vivid Belleza. She is a proud Latina from the state of Delaware who embarked on her entertainment journey via MTV’s Teen Mom 2 co-starring alongside her husband Jo Rivera ten years ago. Today she is a proud Puertorriqueña digital creator and podcaster focusing on as stated on her IG profile account ”Beauty + Fashion + Lifestyle + Real Shit!”

Vee (short for Vetzabe) is an extraordinary Latina influencer. In addition, shares great day-2-day life tips for women who do not have time to sit in a makeup chair for an hour or can afford to go to a hairstylist every week. Not everyone is JLO.

Helping Girls Look Good Quick & Easy

Her down-to-earth blog posts & Youtube channel help “real women get shit done.” She says “I wanted to start the brand to help the mom that just wants to look put together to run errands, the teenager who is in a rush to get to class, and that woman who just got asked out on a date.”

In 2017 Vee began her influencer career as a beauty guru quickly growing her community of glam-loving fans. Vee’s mission as a multi-passionate mompreneur is to inspire other women particularly moms to tackle their goals with style and passion. Her goal has been to show women they can truly have it all.

Beauty Vee Rivera Makes it Convenient

Imagine having all your essential products in one place to craft the perfect brow effortlessly. With tireless dedication, I poured my heart and soul into this brand. I’m thrilled to continue empowering beautiful, resilient women and men worldwide to embrace their unique makeup styles.

It’s time for everyone to know that indulging in self-care is essential. Moreover, you don’t need to be an expert in all things makeup! Vivid Belleza is here to inspire confidence in your skin!

Vivid Belleza Store is Now Online

Fast-forward to today Vee introduces her Vivid Belleza Brand, founded by Vetzabe Rivera. She is a multitasking mom, stepmother, wife, realtor, influencer, makeup enthusiast, and proud Puerto Rican!

Furthermore, she states, every day, I’m inundated with questions from beautiful ladies seeking my secrets to achieving simple and stunning makeup looks. In a world where everyday makeup seems overwhelming, I noticed a lack of brands offering easy-to-use products for effortless beauty.

Vee Rivera Vivid Belleza

With confidence Vee states, I created Vivid Belleza – to cater to busy moms who want to look put together while running errands, hurried teenagers rushing to class, and furthermore, for any individual who desires a no-fuss makeup routine. Oh, and did I mention, ¡sabor Latino guaranteed!

“Belleza” means beauty in Spanish, a word I lovingly call my daughter daily. At Vivid Belleza, we’re cooking up your ultimate go-to beauty products. Our products are user-friendly but also spiced up with our special touch, or as we like to say, “Sazón.” 

Inside the Vivid Belleza Store

Latina Beauty Expert promotes her new brand with an online store Vivid Belleza. Moreover, helps Latinas look amazing quickly and easily. We visited her store ourselves to see the items available. on the accessories page, there are three pages of super cute and elegant accessories. The accessories all look like they are made of high quality.

Her Essentials page is filled with beautiful earrings and all at reasonable prices that anyone could afford. The Brows page is pretty cool too. Pretty much everything you need for your eyebrows. The next page is the Hair Goodies page, again super cute use of pastel earth tones and colors really make these Hair Goodies stand out for sure.

On the Lips page, you will see items to choose from Nude Actitud Matte Liquid Lipstick, Lip Oil, and Vivid Creme Gloss and all at affordable prices. On the face & Body page, at the time of this writing, there was only one item for sale the Show & Glow Highlighter Palette.

On her Mami Merch page are plenty of items to choose from. We think her brand logo makes a statement not to mention the brand’s meaning. We believe any Latina could wear, carry or drink from and feel empowered by the brand. Our favorites were the Chanclas! So Cute. In addition, Vee also offers Gift Cards which are really nice to purchase for someone you love

Why Buy from Vivid Belleza?

What’s better than buying from a mall store? First off, buying stuff from influencers you totally trust! Fist bump These social media rockstars have got your back! They build their followings by being real and connecting with you over shared interests, creating that awesome sense of trust and credibility.

So, imagine: instead of feeling like you’re stuck in a never-ending sales pitch, it’s more like getting tips from your BFF! Double high five: When she recommends a product, you know it’s legit ’cause Vee has tried it herself and will spill the beans on whether it’s worth the hype. Talk about informed shopping!

Furthermore, here’s the cherry on top: influencers cater to YOUR tastes! Mic drop They know what floats your boat and focus on the stuff you’re totally into. It’s like shopping in your own secret wonderland of goodies, not some one-size-fits-all corporate jungle. Plus, when you buy from influencers, you’re supporting small and indie businesses you’re cheering for and being part of a tight-knit community, and helping local markets grow. That’s pretty DAMN AWESOME RIGHT!?

The Last Word

Latina Model Magazine is super excited to continue watching the business growth of this beautiful Latina Vee Rivera with roots in Puerto Rico and as her brand Vivid Belleza grows more popular every year. Being a fan of Latina Model Magazine we know you will support Vee and her online store Vivid Belleza. GOOD LUCK VEE IN ALL YOU DO!