Angela Mallory wants to teach you about Ballet Barre. This beautiful and successful Latina model, an accomplished ballerina, and a fitness trainer are unique. When Latina Model Magazine found her on Instagram we were immediately impressed.

Her multi-talented gifts make her incredibly unique! Sure you can find successful Latinas in ballet, fitness, and or modeling but to have all these talents rolled into one female is extraordinary.

Learn more about how this amazing Latina Model who can do all three sports with the help of her “Ultimate Core Workout.”

Angela Mallory Latina Ballerina
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Angela’s Background

Angela says “I’ve always had a love for the beach and the sun’s heat in tropical locations. I guess that’s expected since I have been to Hawaii every year since I was a toddler. Eventually, I moved to Oahu while still attending high school.”

She adds that after graduation, she moved to Miami to attend The Art Institute. Her major was graphic design. She began working as a print model including some work on network television. The work included Maxim Magazine, VPX Sports, and in the Wilhemina Model Fitness Division.

The Quest for the Ultimate Core Workout

“Striving to be in the best possible shape was a huge struggle to be perfectly honest. The daily grind of hitting the treadmill or even working out with a trainer was something I always dreaded. Most of the time I was bored and not achieving any results I was hoping for.”

At the gym, I was physically pushing hard but lacked the mind connection aspect of it. I found that the connection between the mind and the body plays an important role in your fitness journey and the results you can achieve. It took years to find the love that I have for health and fitness that I currently have now.”

Angela says, “I have been a ballet dancer since the age of three. I started dance at the Conservatory Ballet in Northern Virginia and Miami City Ballet. Dancing has always been and continues to be something that is very therapeutic to me for my mind and for my body.”

Finding Barre and What is Barre?

Latina Fitness Guru Angela Mallory

In the last few years ballet has become a popular fitness trend. It has also become very popular in new fitness classes called Ballet Barre. The Barre workout has made its way into gyms across the country.

Angela Mallory

What you will typically experience in a Barre class is ballet-inspired movements with the combination of weights and strength training. The classic ballet movements of plié and relevé will be something that you hear over and over again.

Plié: to bend – the movement where you bend your knees. This can be done in any of the 5 various positions in classical ballet.

Relevé: to raise – the movement where you use your calf muscles to rise to the balls of your feet.

Ballerinas are often known for their ballerina legs which are strong and have defined calves due to this repetitive movement.

The foundation of these classic ballet moves will often provide stronger chiseled muscles than the average squat can do. These movements are addressing every angle of the muscle in small isolated movements. Although seemingly simple these isometric movements will have your muscles shaking and sore from the increased repetitions.

Incorporating Barre into Dance was Exciting!

When I first discovered Barre I was so excited to be able to incorporate my love for dance with cardio workouts followed by a sculpting session using weights. The class is also very rhythmical and some have portions of choreographed dance. I love how the mind and body connection comes into play during these classes.

If your mind starts to wander you can easily fall out of sync with the rest of the class. There is no room for disconnection. The more I started to take these classes the quicker I began to see the fat melt off my body and the sculpting and toning of my muscles began to appear.

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For the first time, I was actually seeing my glutes and arms take shape. This was surprisingly something I was never able to achieve when I was just going to the gym. I found barre to be the perfect combination of exercises to strengthen your core and tone your muscles.

Not all Barre Classes are Equal

Not all Barre classes are created equal. I found this out as I visited different Barre classes. I didn’t really like the class structured as a true Barre class format. Some classes may feel really slow and too isolated on certain muscle groups. I just felt the class to be really slow-paced and boring.

Why Ballet is Perfect for Burning Fat & Body Sculpting

There are so many reasons why ballet is the perfect form of dance to incorporate into a workout class meant for sculpting and burning fat. Ballet not only increases flexibility but endurance as well. It is a form of endurance training mixed with pilates.

Throughout the class, the most classic ballet positions you will do are pliés, squats, relevés, and tendu. These muscle-sculpting movements along with the use of weights and booty bands will transform your body to be lean. You will also lengthen it as well as build up your muscle.

The Creation of Barre Babes Bootcamp

My love for ballet and fitness led me to complete my Barre certification. I wanted to share the benefits with others as well as use my gift in dance.

As a result, my experience in Barre, dance, and HIIT (High-Intensity Training) classes led me to create Barre Babes Bootcamp. I developed this class that I feel brings Barre to the next level. It’s a fast-paced cardio workout meant specifically for sculpting as well as burning fat.

Throughout my Barre Babes Bootcamp class, you will experience a high-intensity cardio workout to melt off the fat. A weight sculpting workout to strengthen your core and tone your muscles followed by a choreographed dance session and cool down.

I love the fact that this class blends perfectly together with an intense cardio burst, weight sculpting, and a mind and body connection through movement and dance.

Barre Babes Bootcamp Events

My monthly events not only offer a boot camp class but a time for community and connection after. I feel that health and fitness are a way of life and it’s important to connect with others on the same path.

All classes are followed by some healthy bites and maybe even some bubbles to celebrate. There are also vendors to shop from and support the local community as well as a time to connect to make some new friends.

I feel that connection and community are so important in your fitness journey. Staying on track can be a challenge so immersing yourself with like-minded friends will set you up for success in the long run.

Check out some of my ballerina workouts to tighten your core and define your glutes just in time for summer!

Ultimate Ballerina Core Work Out:

AB LEG LIFTS: Best for tightening your core and defining your abs 

  1. Lie faceup on the floor, straighten your legs and point your toes.
  2. Be Lift your legs up to a 45-degree angle with your toes still pointed.
  3. As you bring your legs back down draw small circles in the air with your pointed toes.
  4.  Repeat this movement as you bring your legs up and down, down forget to engage your core!
  5. 2 sets 25 reps..

Ultimate Ballerina Glute Work Out:

BRIDGE: (with or without a booty band) Best used for: strengthening muscles and defining glutes

  1. Lay down open your back if you are using a booty band attach it above your knees
  2. Bend your knees with your feet attached to the floor lay your arms by your sides or straight away from your body
  3. Raise your pelvis up as high as you can and engage your glutes.
  4. Separate your knees outward away from your body then back in.
  5. Slowly lower your pelvis back down. 6. Repeat: 2 sets of 25 reps.

To learn more about her events, healthy inspirational tips and to purchase her workout gear and booty bands you can follow her on Instagram @barrebabesbootcamp and @angelina_ballerina_sd if you want to receive more information on her Ballet Barre class in the San Diego area or a location near you contact her at

We would like to thank Angela Mallory for her inspiration, and education regarding combining Ballet & Barre for an ultimate core workout. Angela is an amazing Latina and we hope you enjoyed this amazing and educational story as much as we did.