Bree Santillan is a Young Latina We Just Had to Profile

At Latina Model Magazine we associate with many beautiful & successful Latina fitness models & influencers. However, we have never met one so focused, competitive, smart and so young as Bree Santillan. 

With a 4.5 GPA and a win under her belt for the strongest dead left in her weight class and age at the 2019 Mr. Olympia was quite impressive! 

Bree will achieve all her goals because 1) she is determined and 2) she has incredible family support. Read on to learn more about this rising star.

How Bree got on the path of becoming a Latina fitness influencer

Bree is the daughter of Sarah & Rick Santillan and has two brothers Antonio & CJ. She lives in Hacienda Heights California just 20 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles. Bree is a sophomore attending Los Altos high school.

After years of watching her two brothers participate in sports including high school football. One thing Bree’s father implemented was a strict weight training program for both her brothers. Bree’s interest in weight training obviously influenced by her family.

Where this young Latina found her motivation

The moment she decided that she wanted to train & compete was when she saw the movie “Pumping Iron”, Pumping Iron is a weight lifting documentary she watched on Netflix recapping the peak bodybuilding years of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bree Santillan Teen Body Builder

Bree says “I always knew the end result of cutting, going on stage, but I never saw the beauty of the process and grueling work this sport entails. Watching Lou Ferrigno and his dad in the documentary also made me want to emulate that intense training style.” 

Bree states “It motivated me to see I was following the steps of the biggest names in bodybuilding and how I could potentially reach those heights and that stage if I stayed consistent in my training.”

Advice from a rising Latina Fitness Influencer

Bree is a typical teen raised in Los Angeles county. However, while many girls her age are taking selfies of themselves every 5 min. Bree is more interested in subjects like math & science, even before high school. Her favorite class is chemistry, she has always enjoyed math. 

She says “although I have never been very efficient with my time (like most typical teenage girls her age) “it all changed after deciding to devote myself to a healthy & fit lifestyle. I’ve learned time management and responsibility as a result of my fitness training.”

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“The joy and fulfillment I feel after I leave the gym after having a rough day motivate me to continue to lift weights. Fitness training also helps me cope with the stress of school all while helping me to achieve a more muscular physique. These are the main reasons that keep me motivated to continue to train.”

Bree works out 5 times a week. “Working out 5 times a week allows me to hit most muscle groups so I don’t neglect certain areas of my body. Additionally, I feel as though resting for two days allows my body to achieve optimal results without overly exhausting my body.”

Her Favorite Body Part

Her favorite body part is her quadriceps. “I actually enjoy that feeling when your legs are wobbly from pushing my limitations. It’s quite a satisfying feeling to finish a leg day and feel like my legs are completely beat!”

Furthermore, her favorite exercise is leg extensions, naturally. It’s a key exercise for quad focused leg days. “It’s often the exercise I use as my finisher in which I leave feeling quite accomplished.”

Competition Debut at Mr. Olympia 2019

Bree Santillan 1st Place competition award

In 2019 Bree competed in the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition in Dayton Ohio. She placed First in the women’s overall teen competition. The “Ultimate Teen Challenge” Award.

Recently she dead-lifted 298 lbs at her most recent meet “My personal record was 315 lbs at my local gym. I did encounter a back injury which has delayed more progress but I think my strength is starting to steadily increase again.”

Due to family concerns and my body potentially not having undergone full development, my parents want me to wait to compete until I’m either 17 or 18. I’ll definitely push for 17.

How Bree plans to influence her generation & community

This 15-year-old Latina is already meal prepping in order to keep atop of her fitness regiment. Her favorite meal prep is always white potatoes, chicken, avocado, and carrots. “It’s simple and very easy to cook in bulk which is also my main priority when meal prepping for school and the week ahead.”

“Teenagers often lack proper education regarding nutrition and in these early years of our lives, it is vital for our bodies to mature in a healthy way. “

Bree Santillan Poses Venice Beach

“Rather than resorting to extreme measures or feeling hopeless to see changes in one’s body composition, I want to teach the youth that simply lifting weights alongside a balanced diet high in protein is important, and getting toned is indeed possible in a moderate way.”

“My future goals are to educate girls that being fit and healthy should always be the number 1 priority when it comes to wanting to evolve your physique.”

Inspiration & Goals

Bree’s biggest inspiration in the fitness world is one of the top Latina fitness Influencers named Lauralie Chapados. “She shows determination and emulates the competitor I’d like to be when I grow older.”

Her ultimate fitness goal and she confidently states this “My ultimate fitness goal is to become Mrs. Olympia one day as soon as I become eligible to compete. Moreover, Fitness gives me purpose and achieving something so remarkable in my community, and it’s extremely rewarding.”

As you have just read Latina Model Magazine believes Bree will have no problem becoming a very successful Latina Fitness Influencer or whatever she puts her mind to. Her determination at such a young age is worth taking note of especially for others her age who say they can’t when they actually can. Bree is living proof.