Latino Designers

We cover Latino fashion designers throughout North, Central, and South America. Moreover, we look for the most talented designers to showcase and write about.


The fashion industry is global, and Latino fashion designers can be found in every corner of the world, from New York to Milan, Italy fashion runways. Latino designers are in high demand in the fashion world and succeeding.


Furthermore, many of the designers we spotlight have great stories of struggles that eventually lead to success. We ask them to share those stories of struggles that, as a result,  has helped them become sought after designers.


Our magazine is currently digital, but we will have hard copies coming out soon for our fans to enjoy. Inside we will showcase our favorite designers and their amazing Haute couture dresses. We also have many Latino swimsuit designers to spotlight as well who come up every season with new incredible out of the box designs.


Lastly, we will be spotlighting our favorite designers located here in the U.S. And some as far as Madrid Spain. Latina Model Magazine was created to spotlight the best Latino designers in the world.

Vichi Swim Miami Swim Week